Industry Leading Active On­Site Management

Key to our success is our ability to coach, mentor and train our quality team members. We offer clear career pathways with practical on­site management skills to improve communication, collaboration and problem solving within our teams.

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Masters of Our Trade

We pride ourselves in having the highest level of quality on­site management in our industry with 1 in 4 staff empowered with the skills of a foreman.

Continual Team Development

At CDC we are continually developing our skills. All staff and contractors go through a rigorous induction process, followed up by compulsory ongoing training to ensure that all projects are approached in the professional manner that is expected from us and our clients.

Grey Heads Who Know What To Do

Our teams are led by expert project and construction managers with an average of 20 years in the industry. Coming from a variety of backgrounds they have the experience to handle any situation.

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Experienced Plumbers Everywhere

Our entire team, including senior management, is made up of qualified plumbers. This means we all talk the same language and our focus is on technical excellence resulting in a respect for the trade and quality finishes.