Safety Management System (SMS)

CDC’s SMS complements our approach to safety. It is critical to the success of our projects. It mitigates the risk of injury, impact on the environment and property damage. It’s underpinned by user friendly project specific safety plans which are successfully integrated into the daily workings by the designated work groups. Ongoing training is also a key element to the SMS success. As a result we have a reputation that is second to none.

Injury Management & Return to Work (RTW)

CDC works in a high risk industry. Injury management is an integral part of our company. In the unfortunate circumstance of an employee being injured, early intervention and assistance for the injured employee by the site management team, supplemented by qualified RTW coordinators results in tailored medical treatment and successful RTW for our most important asset, our employees.

Safety Culture

A bonafide approach to any matter will produce successful results. CDC prides itself with this ethic when it comes to OHS&E. Consultation with employees and management assists in achieving an outcome agreed by all. Our genuine endorsement and positive reinforcement of a successful safety culture speaks for itself.

Health & Safety Committee (HSC)

A HSC within a company is one of the tools to achieve successful consultation. CDC is already enjoying the benefits of its recently developed HSC. All employees have a voice on the HSC committee as a result of enthusiastic members from all levels of our designated work groups and management departments. All HSC decisions made are conducted in a democratic way then taken to senior management for endorsement.


OHS&E Team

The founders of CDC embedded into the company culture the importance of continous introduction of dedicated experienced team members. This ethic is still practiced today. With their field based experience the OHS&E Manager and two OHS&E Coordinators are privileged to have other management team members of a high calibre to assist the company to be compliant with statutory legislation and with the requirements of our clients.


SAFETY.........'It's everybody's business'!