About Us

CDC has evolved over the past 30 years to become the industry leader in Commercial Plumbing. This was not an instant result, instead the result of evolution. We continuously work hard, evolving and refining our working processes.

With a team of over 200 employees we are delivering Australia’s largest projects.

It is a reputation we are proud of.

Our Vision

CDC is growing and the Directors' vision to support CDC's size and commitment within the industry in Victoria has allowed CDC to secure a major contract in South Australia (NRAH) for $65 million and the vision to develop new business in Queensland with the same CDC processes. The redevelopment of Beavis & Bartels has become a success story. Over a short period of 18 months the company has secured over $70 million of work order bookings and continues to be a significant Hydraulic Services Company in the Construction Industry within the State of Queensland.

At CDC we strive to consistently deliver and manage Australia’s largest plumbing projects with excellence.


CDC History

In 1970 R.D. Cooke was the founder of the now known CDC Investment Group Pty Ltd, trading as "CDC Plumbing and Drainage".

Peter Carrick commenced in 1972 as the company's first apprentice.

In 1984 Peter joined the company to become Cooke, Dowsett & Carrick as an equal partner in which the company became recognised as CDC Plumbing & Drainage.

From 1995 to 2005, Bob and Peter doubled the size and turnover of the company's exposure within the industry.

In 2005, Peter Carrick and Tim Wilson purchased Bob Cooke's remaining shares and the company remained as Cooke & Carrick (Vic), trading as CDC Plumbing & Drainage.

In July 2007 a Public Company, Hastie Group, made an offer and purchased Cooke & Carrick (Vic) which became Cooke & Carrick Pty Ltd trading as CDC Plumbing & Drainage as part of their publicly listed company. CDC Plumbing & Drainage was Hastie's first hydraulic services company to be purchased. Hastie's vision was to develop the business by seeking additional companies that fit the model and in 2009 CDC sought the opportunity to purchase CLG Plumbing and combine the company within the CDC operation.

On 28 May 2012, Hastie closed its doors and within 7 days a Deed of Sale was carried out and the company became CDC Investment Group trading as CDC Plumbing & Drainage with the new Directors of Peter Carrick, Stephen Godfrey & Alan Carrick.

Executive Team

  • Peter Carrick Managing Director

    Since my early days as an apprentice with R.D. Cooke in 1972 I have been part of the evolution of CDC Plumbing & Drainage to the Tier One industry leader it is recognised as today.

    My passion and commitment for this business has continued to grow and develop over my 40 years with the company.

  • Stephen Godfrey Director

    I was employed by CLG and CLG Plumbing Design for nearly 20 years, and commenced with CDC after the CLG companies were acquired by Hastie in July 2008.

    My ongoing drive is to see CDC grow its reputation as the leader in Design and Construct contracts through its innovation and communication strategies.

  • Alan Carrick Director

    I was employed by Telstra for 23 years and the last 5 years as Business Manager for Victoria and Tasmania.

    I began at CDC in February 2001 and my role as Business Manager/Director involves the administration of office staff and all the "back of house" functions; with particular emphasis on financials.